You don’t have to have a huge love for outdoor sports to enjoy the simple pleasures of kayaking. It can bring tranquility and peace to even the busiest and most stressed of minds. While many often lean immediately to more obvious outdoor pleasures, such as hiking, swimming, or star gazing, placing yourself on the water in a beautiful setting can offer something truly unique.


Pontiac Firebird


Every other week, I dedicate a whole day solely to the outdoors. I take a nice long ride in my Pontiac Firebird, taking me to my favorite lake, the majority of my time spent with no walls and only nature to keep me company. Once me and my trusty muscle car arrive at my destination of sparkling blue waters and gentle waves, I grab the kayak from the passenger’s seat to begin the day’s main event. People may even chuckle a bit as I remove the kayak from my beloved Firebird, until they see me unfolding it. I got it after reading Killer Kayak’s review of the Oru Kayak, thinking that’s a pretty great idea to not have to lug around a big heavy kayak. Everyone on the road could see it next to me as I drove, and I did get a few stares.

Last time on the lake, the air was fresh and the breeze was cool. The sun rays were shining brightly through the mass of pine trees surrounding me as I carefully placed the kayak half on shore, half in the water. As I stepped in, I briefly reflected on how many of my friends had confused this kayak for a canoe and I had to tell them it’s similar, but they’re not the same.

My kayak was gliding on the water pretty well with my double bladed paddle. Some kayakers choose rapids for a more adventurous experience, but I use the stillness of my favorite lake to clear my mind, take deep breaths of fresh air and let the calmness of the park seep into my heart. As I paddled myself forward into an official float, the things that mattered on land seemed to matter a lot less, as usual. And just like that, it’s an amazing day. No stress, no worries, no real life problems, just you and nature.


Origami Kayak


I quietly paddled along, taking in the scenic views around the lake. At a certain point, it’s almost impossible to comprehend that you have a life elsewhere, and wonder why everything can’t be this serene. That is, however, the purpose of kayaking, to take me somewhere else. After two hours I decided that I was out there long enough, and it was time for me, my kayak, and my Pontiac to mosey on back to reality.

Once again, the way my origami kayak was positioned next to me inside the car garnered some odd glances, and I couldn’t help but smirk with an odd sense of pride. When I stopped at my favorite coffee shop for an espresso on the way back home, a man approaches me in line.

“Is that your Oru kayak out there, sir?”, he kindly inquired.
“Yes it is.”, I nodded with a proud grin. “That’s my Firebird, as well.”
The man smiled, but also let out a slight chuckle.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t even notice the car. I just really love kayaking. There’s nothing like it.”
The barista handed me the espresso I ordered, and I waved to the man as I departed, offering only a sentence of agreement.
“You are so right. There really is nothing like it.”