My mantra in life has always been all about self improvement. I believe that if I’m constantly making an effort to make something better in my life, then I’m on the right track. It doesn’t have to be anything major. It’s the small things you do that end up making a real difference.

I was watching a TV show where the host was interviewing a real estate agent. They were talking about home improvement and how your home can rise in re-sale value after making only a few changes. The realtor was encouraging homeowners to invest in home improvement, especially in aesthetics and keeping up with the latest trends.


House in Santee, CA


This got me thinking about my garage and how I had been planning to perform a full makeover on it. The walls were grease stained, the floors were cracked, and the door’s system was damaged, forcing me to lift it manually every time, among other problems.

Remodeling My 1967 Ford Mustang…

After remodeling my 1967 Ford Mustang, I needed a new place to keep my baby. I love the new look my car has after I got the work done. I have had this car since my dad passed away three years ago. He had owned it for twenty years, so I grew up in the car and even learned how to drive in it.


Ford Mustang 1967


My dad was a conservative guy, so he never really had any improvements done on the car, apart from regular repairs and service. He loved it just the way it was. I, on the other hand, had many ideas of how I would make the car look cooler and more ’21st century’. I even had a few sketches of my own that I had drawn when I was a teenager, showing how I wanted the car to look.

When I first got the car, I immediately fell in love with it. At first, I was reluctant to change anything, since it reminded me of my dad, but after some time, I decided to go for it.

After saving up enough money, I got in touch with the best car restoration shop in town to start the work. From the get-go, it was clear the car needed a lot of work. The body had a few dents and the paint had peeled off of some parts. The torn and uncomfortable seats, coupled with damaged air conditioning, made it impossible to go on a long drive in the car. The engine was also old and always in need of repairs and service.

The first thing they did was strip everything off to get rid of the rust that had accumulated in the car’s chassis over the years, and also to straighten the dents. They installed a new front bumper, rear bumper, and side skirts. To match the new body, the car was given a new dark green paint job and a new set of wheels with hubcaps that matched the new color.


1967 Green Mustang


The new dashboard was installed, complete with modern accessories and electronic gauges. Now I could listen to music or be able to tell when the fuel is low. They also replaced the old seats with brand new, comfortable seats. To top everything off, they replaced the old engine with a powerful 400 horsepower engine.

My car looked and sounded fantastic after everything was done. It looked like one of those poster cars we had in our rooms as kids. When I first got home and saw the garage I was parking my new car in, I knew something had to be done. I called a local company who were experts at home remodeling. For the most part, I knew what I wanted my garage to look like.

For starters, I wanted a new paint job that would match with my mustang. The floor also had to be fixed. The designers had a few good ideas which I liked. After everything was agreed on, they got to work.


Epoxy Garage Floor


After several days of hard work, my garage was ready. It looked even better than I had imagined. The floor looked like marble and was so shiny, you could see the reflection of the Mustang. The green paint on the Mustang really popped with the floor color! If you need epoxy garage floors San Diego done, Best Coast has excellent reviews and furthermore, pictures of what they can do for your flooring.

Now when you walk into my garage, it feels like you are in a showroom. The garage looks great, and it makes my Mustang look even better!